Going to Malmö, Sweden

Today last day at Ispo. A lot of friends. Received a lot of gift and great products. Solar panel within a waterproof bag from O-range, a beautiful knittted rainbow hat, a fantastic pair of merinos socks, and a sole made with the waste of wool working a silk and cotton hat from Houdini, a passage to Malmö from a serie of magical meetings all of them bringing me something needed and apparently so difficult. Smiles and working very hard. Talking, pulling the pulk all around, hundred of meeting. Thanks to everybody. On the way to Malmo tomorrow. Pulk and bike got a free passage and I need to go by train or find a passage.
Be snow!

p.s.: I am sorry my friends, for a few days I will be travelling on the way to Oslo and might be difficult to update the blog.


Many thanks to Göran Magnusson from
On-Site Exhibitions AB. 
An other angel helping the Man on the Snow project. 
He gave me a free passage for the pulk and the bike to Malmö. Gift Economy's miracles.