Back to Oslo

Back to Oslo to get stuff, for a few days, then again here with the Lavvu tent, finally arrived, to prepare the departure. Still so many clothes have not arrived. I can't start without that very important part of equipment. The Norwegian custom is very severe. And some of my partners told me that their products left weeks ago. I don't understand. No mail, notice...Nothing! This delay is a problem. In Oslo no snow and rain for the next days. 
In Haugastøl snow is not missing luckily. Take care.
In Italy it seems that another clown will play with the circus.

Its funny how before the start of all my projects it seems that I'll be never going to make it and that everything is out of place. But, simply, everything is at the right place. That's simply travelling alone and doing things with very little. 
I was talking here with a polar guide about the costs of Antartica expeditions. In terms of money and enviromental impact (see how to get there). I have some personal opinions but I keep them for me.