Healing Shapes

Eulalia Valldosera collaborates with the Man on te Snow with an energetic intervention in his sledge


To accept your proposal to intervene on the sledge has led me out of my confort zone  as a visual artist. I’m very grateful since it made me dare to act as a bridge between  particular languages and knowledges that are out there for collective use. I found myself transmuting the imminent endeavor and sacrifice involved in this type of travel by finally feeling the forces of Nature, winds and waters, coming into collaboration, as an act of co-creation with their consciences, therewith deeply ressonating with the philosophy of manonthesnow.

By practicing mediumship channeling I have chosen and applied on the surface of the sledge several geometric shapes. Not only asking for to enhance the underlying message of manonthesnow but to optimize your physical performance through one of your key elements for subsistence, the sledge, designed and measured to fit your body literally inside, like a second protective skin.

I chose the universal archetypal forms we know as geometry, because we know that absorb, modulate and radiate universal  energy, acting upon the most intimate levels of matter and, in the case of living beings, at cellular levels. Their performance is based on the principle of resonance and, associated to a color, have a potential healing effect. Capable to displace chaotic states of matter and thought, these shapes may restore our own original frequencies.

The amount of light present in the ice and snow will enhance the effect of the forms attached to both sides of the sledge. The sledge will run close to the frozen water, and we know of its capability to receive and store information. Water will easily capture these codes forms, producing hypothetically the healing effect desired in the environment.

The geometric shapes I visualized appeared sequentially, during a trance under an oak tree that usually gives me the specific altered state of consciousness in order to channel information contained in higher frequencies or subtler dimensions. First appeared, in green color, two triangles on either side of a square that immediately became an hexagon.

The combination of triangle and square activates the listening to a pain associated with repeated behavioral codes inherited from our ancestors. The hexagon decodes poisoning, slow self- destruction *. Enhacts any structural forces, like the body skeleton or the sledge itself.  Both resonate perfectly content with environmental issues that motivate you travel and led you to manufacturing your sledge. Snow and nomadism are both in the origin of life, and to restore our connection to these forces is a healing act.