New Gear for Man on the snow

In 1913, exactly one century ago, on many British newspapers appeared the following advert:

Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.
men wanted

The man asking for such a fearless devotion and commitment was Sir Ernest Shackleton, one of the most famous polar explorers ever, quite a tough guy, and unlucky. He failed but none of his men were lost and he risked personally to rescue them sailing for 900 miles from the Elefant Island in Antartica to South Georgia, aboard a 20 foot canvas covered boat, the James Caird III, in one of the most infamous seas of the planet.
I am far from comparing me to the generous and extraordinary Captain but this is what I would publish today if I had to recruit some companions for my trip to Nordkapp with the only difference of No Wages. For what about the honor and recognition well... this is not exactly what I am looking for.
Anyway, if anyone will like to ski with me write an email to explaining When and Why.
I am planning to leave on January the 1st 2015 from Oslo.

Well, let's talk about the preparation. The New Gear are here or on the way.

I received the new CRISPI BC TIUR. They seem very comfy and tough.

I tested in Venice, the new BIOLITE CAMP STOVE and with a fistful of wood sticks I was able to boil one liter of water and keep the stove running and... Charging my phone. Let's see in the harsh Norway climate (fire always worked, with very few exceptions, like... No wood or super wet, as far as I know in my experience). In fact I will try to be as much free as possible from fossil fuel. As an alternative where wood will not be available, like above the tree line, I will probably use a PRIMUS OMNILITE TI STOVE which can burn almost everything, including, someone says, used veggie oil from restaurants.









I will soon receive my Fjällräven KEB JACKET, made with recycled polyester and organic cotton, the KEB DOWN JACKET to keep me warm down ethically taken, not like Monclair, please watch the video in the link above, and the BIB TROUSERS.
Tom Greenall and Kyioko (Idriskis) his wife are preparing a new pair of lighter cross country skis in Chamonix.
Alex Bierwald in Norway of ACAPULKA is on the making of the new sustainable pulk. He is trying to build it with bio resins, flax canvas and recycled polyethylene.
A new sail, a parawing, has been sewed by the legendary Wolf Beringer in Lorch, Germany.
A lot of gear is already in Norway, in Haugastøl, where I had to stop last year, and most of it is sutainably, ethically built.

I am finishing with Memphis restoration in Port de Pollença and working on the web for the upcoming man on the Snow Project.
I hope that this year the snow will fall copiously and help me to ski far North.
Anyone who will like to ski with me can write an email to explaining When and Why.

Take care my friends