I am always late. Why a boat and storms are affecting my trip.

“If you want to make Bhagavān* laughing just tell him your plans”
Old Indian saying

I am late. I apologize. I was planning to start on the 1st day of January but I am still here in the Med. Yep, I was planning...
In the last two years I've been restoring, with the precious help of some friends and especially Sebastiá Vidal (who also helped me to build the first ecopulka for the Man on the Snow project) an old wooden ketch, Memphis, built in Scotland in 1928, in the one of the oldest boatyard of the UK (est.1740).

I did without sponsors and with all my energy and skills. Limited of course, both.
It was almost ok but in December, normally quite dry, the Mediterranean isobars decided to create one of the rainiest and windiest period of the year. So I was forced to stop my works. The domino effect impacted the project so here I am still finishing my preparations.
I am planning (please Bhagavān, don't make a mess again...), let's say, I would love to start, around the 15th from Oslo.

A few weeks ago I wrote a mail to Liv Arnesen, the first woman to reach alone and unsupported the South Pole (livarnesen.com) and she answered me. We exchanged some mails and she invited me to start, and ski, together for some kilometers. It is such an honor to me. I don't know if this delay will allow Mrs Arnesen to come. She is preparing a fantastic project for water protection called Access Water and you may also know that I dedicated most of my recent life to water. Please visit her web site to know more about her water project.
Access Water

In the mean while the new expedition ecoskis built by IDRIS SKIS are ready. Carl Alvey tested the first prototype in Haugastol, Norway and he was very happy.

I will travel using two pair of skis. Both from IDris Skis. The CHAMOIS and the new one.
The Chamois will be for the sail, the new sail which is a PARAWING, a kind of parachute, made by WOLF BERINGER in Lorch, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany.
I visited his workshop and met such an interesting person. What a life he had!!
Vielen Dank Wolf.



The ecopulka by ACAPULKA is almost ready. Built with flax, ecoresins, and recycled or reused materials.


I received the FJÄLLRÄVEN products. They look really thought and extremely well designed and made. I will write the reports during the and after the trip.

Also in Venice arrived the PRIMUS OMNILITE TI STOVE, my emergency stove for the higher altitude, where no wood is available. It can burn almost every fuel.
BRUNTON send me the GLACIER 320 headlamp, recharchable battery (with my solar panels) and very powerful.

I received included with the lamp a wind meter, the SUMMIT PRO. It is a little station giving infos about temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, elevation.

Many thanks to Francesca Winkler by FENIXOUTDOOR and Georg Ploner by FJÄLLRÄVEN for their precious help and support.

I still have to collect the new FUTURASUN energy station, more power to recharge with the sun my cameras, phone etc. the price of keeping in touch with others.

Shackleton, Amundsen, Nansen, Peary and all the explorers had the privilege to be “alone” in the wilderness. I would love to be alone but my projects are communication projects, not explorations or performances, so, I must share what I do.

So, see you soon. I will be on my way to Norway in a week approximately.

Happy new year my friends.


*Bhagavān, (alternate spellings including Bhagvān, Bhagwan or Bhagawan, from the Sanskritnt-stem bhaga-vant- nominative भगवान् Bhagavān) is a term for God used in Hinduismparticularly in the Vaisnava traditions where God is conceived as a caring, compassionate person concerned for the welfare of his creatures. This word is generally translated into English language as Lord. Bhagavān can also be an honorific title for a God-realized (i.e. fully enlightened) human being or an incarnation of God in human form (avatara) such as Ramaand Krishna. In the Pali scriptures Gautama Buddha is referred to as Bhagavān Buddha(translated with the phrase 'Lord Buddha' or 'The Blessed One'[1]).
Source: Wikipedia